New year resolution

Hey guys! What's up...
I hope you all are excited to do plan for new year resolution so today i will give you some tips to do your plan for new year resolution.....

Before that i will say one thing to all....

So today i will tell you some interesting things by which you make your new year resolution unique so get ready for that............

New year resolution topic is "MATURENESS"

Most of people said to me that Be mature person .and  many other things like Behave like a mature person & blah blah blah !!!!!!

So today i will tell you what is real maturity?


It is the ability to respond to the environment in an appropriate manner rather then reacting.
According to me maturity is never comes all of sudden it is a slow,continuous & never ending process.Maturity is when you efficient enough to distinguish between divine & devil , truth & lie , original & fake , illusion & reality & millions different aspect of life.

In an interview Mr.Perfectionist (Aamir Khan) give a perfect meaning of maturity ....


  1. Here are some signs which defined the maturity of the person

  • Physical attraction is not a big deal it's not called love rather lust
  • You start watching porn & start being productive
  • When you start feeling those precious moments instead of showing it to the world
  • When you know cooking is more important than taking random selfies
  • When you wake up late count the number of attendance left & get back to your sleep
  • When you give smile to the person who hates you
  • When You are facing the problem and gives the valuable solution instead of ignoring
  • When you know the difference between the Response and React
  • Not taking everything personally getting easily offended or feeling the need to be defend,prove & make excuses for yourself
  • When you start appreciating the things you have in your life by showing gratitude
  • When you accept the not everyone is going to like you so we should not try to please others

I'm sure there are probably other signs of maturity also but above are the signs which i feel for a mature person..
Make your new year resolution unique & productive which you can make your future bright..

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