What is the dark side of falling in love?

Hey readers! How is your new year going on....i hope all going well..

So once again I'm back with a  true and real topic which  is happened with all of us..this is happened most of time with all the lovers...

So before started the topic i will say one thing to you that....

What is the dark side of love?

WAIT!!!!! Before that i will aware you about love...

Firstly its a true message from my side that :

Falling in love always comes with the dark side....in fact love is the weakness for some people...

I have seen lots of "Love Bird" around me ...basically love & relationship these days are very common...all around me people going everyday with breakups and losing their mind over it....

LOVE is nothing moreover its a type of disease.Almost 90% of person suffers this once in a lifetime why i am saying love is a disease because it occupies your mind and so your body acts accordingly...

I'm talking about love so how i forget the role of films in the love from there we know about the different concepts of love..
Sometime a worst feeling is also there like he/she do not know what actually happing with their life...then they said these words...

so there is a very famous dialogue  from the Hollywood movie ....."TITANIC"...
which i hear most of time from the love bird..the dialogue is like that..I think you also listen these lines by the people around you....

"WINNING that ticket rose was the best thing that ever happened to me it brought me to you & I'm thankful for that rose I'm thankful you must do me this honor promise me you'll survive that you won't give up no matter what happens no matter how hopeless promise me now rose and never let go of that promise..."

Now i will tell you some dark side of love:

·        There is an honest message from my side of being in love…
·        If you have never cried at night for long hours you have never been in love as it makes you emotionally weak..
·        Love is the feeling which cannot be described in words and the dark side of love is that you don’t want to live without your partner and sometimes it enforces you to take some of the wrong decisions


Some points of dark sides of love :


It’s a very common thing In every relationship that you give more value to that guy as comparison to yourself…you always wait for the call of that girl..by this you loose your importance in front of her/his also in your eyes…


I have seen most of people who in love they forget about her/his self respect they cross all the limits in love…but when they broke up then they relaise that what they are loosing…


    Basically most of the relationship broke due to the word “EXPECTATION”..because it      creates a lot of disturbance in the relationship…I will say one thing to all guys who are in relationship or who think to be committed.....
     The boy and the girl are not a superman or superwomen so please excuse her/him and breathe In and breathe out…


        Thinking to much about the different plans trip..etC…or sometime you think about the future planning and made your own imagination ..
       Think about what to eat study fashion new movies and many more..

I know there are lots of dark side of love but above are some basic dark side of love….

I learned a lesson from the love that you don’t fall in love with a person you fall in love with how a person makes you feel ..So if you decide to build your entire life around a person…so I request you to all please be careful because if that person leaves you at that point it create a void…..

 Always kept one point in your mind that 


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  1. Awesome post 😂😂
    Do u ever fall in love with anyone ?

    1. Thanks for your kind support...
      No i never fall in love but yes I'm in love with my goal..

  2. Thanks Mr.Joshi for your valuable feedback.

  3. Wow..its very truly you write about."what is filling of love .. appreciated bro keep going..

  4. Wow..its very truly you write about."what is filling of love .. appreciated bro keep going..

  5. Enter your comment...really love this

  6. The over of the topic is really good! I think Its really important to get yourself out there and experience all the emotions that you can. It might end up very hurt but actually that's the whole reason behind all of this - you can't be hurt if you don't make yoursel vulnerable.

    1. Thanks for your valuable comment...yes its very important to experience all the emotions...that you can....

      Actually love is never between two people it is what happened within you..so its love is all about you..


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