10 Effective Habits of Highly Successful people

Hello friends, I hope you all are doing well...

So today I would like to share 10 Effective Habits of Highly Successful people which makes them different from others.

It's funny that we always think successful people have some sort of secret habits and ways of which world knows nothing about. But the most funnier thing is they do all sort of things a normal person should be doing without getting distracted.

What actually all are the effective habits that make these people successful... So let's start the 10 Effective Habits of Highly Successful people.

10 Effective Habits of Highly Successful People

SUCCESS meaning is different for a different person for some success might be a financial achievement or becoming a millionaire. For the sportsman, its success could be the trophy and the medals...

But for the successful people, the meaning of success is little different which is as:

Success is all about your daily routine how you spend your 86400 seconds it will decide whether you will be a successful person or something else...

Whatever it means to you take a note of these 10 Effective Habits of Highly Successful people which help you to achieve the goals in your life 

So let's Begin 

10 Effective Habits of Highly Successful people 

1. They live the P.O.P Life

What actually the P.O.P means here it means :

P - Plan
O - Organize 
P - Prioritize

Planning, organizing & prioritizing will help you to be more efficient and effective. They will help you reduce stress and allow you more time to do fun things like spending time with family and friends

Do P.O.P Effectively
  • Create a to-do list of your daily, weekly and monthly tasks 
  • Prioritize high medium low
  • Set due dates
  • Take action consistently
  • Planning such as the night before will help you wake up in the morning with a greater sense of purpose

2. Reading

It is one of the most common habits which I saw in most of the successful people so It's important to note that successful people read. While they also read for pleasure most use their reading habit as a means to gain knowledge or insight
For anyone who needs inspiration about the value and importance of reading look no further than the example of billionaire author J.K Rowling who says :

"Read as much as you possibly can. Nothing will help you as much as reading"

3. They Eat Frog - A lot

Don't take the literal meaning of the above sentence. By frog I mean doing tasks in terms of their highest priority and ticking them off your list one by one the famous American writer Mark Twain once said :

"Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you rest of the day"

4. Positive Attitude

According to many successful people having a positive attitude is not just a result of being successful it's one of the root causes of success.
Joel Brown refers to gratitude and positive self-talk as priorities in the lives of the ultra-successful. Moreover Brown says it's not enough to express gratitude and a positive attitude you must also remind yourself why you are grateful in order to achieve a deeper effect  

10 Effective Habits of Highly Successful People

5. Sharing

Whether through donating to charity or the sharing of ideas successful people have a habit of giving they know the value of sharing and most believe their success should result in something more than the accumulation of wealth for themselves.
Some of the most well-known successful people include Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and many more loves sharing.

Lack of wealth does not need to be a factor when it comes to sharing volunteering in your community or at a local school does not cost anything but could provide help where it is a need.

6. They more focus on Self-Improvement and Self-Transformation

Self-Transformation is a process of creating ourselves a new its means examine your daily thoughts and actions and also analyze your behavior.

So before planning for self-transformation, one has to check one's attitude and approach while achieving a goal..No matter our current phase, though, these three rules stay the same

  1. Don't expect yourself to be anywhere other than where you accept your current place on the path.
  2. Anticipate the very next phase beyond the one you're in so you can be prepared for it when it arrives.
  3. Be compassionate and understanding to others regardless of their progress on their own personal journey.

7. They Believe in Death-Bed Mentality

"DEATHBED" Means "In bed and about to die" & "MENTALITY" its a common word for us that means your attitude & way of thinking...

"Work every day like it's your last day" give your 110% to every work do every work with the full intensity of yours...
That the main concept of "DEATHBED MENTALITY"

Always follow this concept in your life is positive always "No matter what happens to you in your life, you alone have to the capacity to choose your response to it.

Deathbed mentality helps you to form the habit of searching for the positive in every circumstance which helps you to a lot in the terms of life by this your life will move into its highest dimensions.

Never judge events as either negative or positive just simply experience that celebrates that & most important thing is to learn a lesson from every event. 

10 Effective Habits of Highly Successful People

8. They Do Not follow the crowds 

The most successful people have never followed the path of crowds they always make their own path. Even they "Think Differently" by which their thinking create a huge difference between the normal people and the successful people.

9. They train their mind 

As a normal human being we waste our time to train our muscles by which we attracted girls but on the other hand, the successful people train their mind by doing Meditation 
Meditation is the best friend of all the successful people 

10. Sleep Well

The most of the successful people take more hours sleep then us normally they take sleep around 7 to 8 hours. Don't go below five hours a day. Jeff Bezos manages seven hours and Elon Musk does Six.

[BONUS] : They Ignore what people Say

Most of the successful people Ignore the negative feedback which continuously throws by the public about their attitude and their life there is one of the famous lines which I want to share with you that is :

Ignore what they say. Ignore everything negative comes out of their mouth. Don't let their opinion stop you from doing what you really want. Don't respond to them in the same negative way as you do before. I know what you guys do. Whenever you talk to a negative person, you start responding to them in the same way. But you need to stop doing it if you really want to deal with negative peoples. Next time you met a negative guy, remember this!

10 Effective Habits of Highly Successful People


In this complete post, I have discussed 10 effective habits of highly successful peoples. If you follow the above points, soon you will be successful. Let's summarize all the 10 points:
  1. They live the P.O.P Life.
  2. They read continuously.
  3. Positive Attitude.
  4. They Eat Frog.
  5. Sharing.
  6. They focus on Self Improvement
  7. They believe in Deathbed Mentality
  8. They do not follow the crowd.
  9. They train their brain.
  10. Sleep Well.
Bonus: They ignore what people say.

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5 SuperEasy ways to Get Out of the Friend Zone (That Works)

Once again welcome back to Kamal's Blog. In my last post, I have discussed 5 incredibly effective ways to deal with negative people. Today, I am back with another interesting topic i.e, How to get out of friend zone? In this post, I will tell you 5 Super easy ways which can help you get out of friend zone.
Before starting my main topic i.e. how to get out of friend zone, let me tell you what friend zone is with a simple example. (Read Carefully)

How to get out of the friend zone?

Here, I am taking an example of a guy (i.e. John) and a girl (i.e. Sophia) who are close friends. After a stage of friendship, John wishes to have a romantic relationship with her friend Sophia. He thinks Sophia also feel same about him, but Sophia doesn't.

In the above example, John is in a friend zone with Sophia.

Friendzone is a situation in which one out of two close friends wishes to enter into a romantic or sexual relationship while other don't.
Friendzone is more common in men than women. So In this complete guide, I will consider a boy to be in the friend zone with a girl.

Let me explain it more clearly with your own example. Suppose you are in the friend zone with a girl (like Sophia). You thought she loves you in the similar way as you do. After a few months of your friendship, you want to be in a romantic relationship with her & when you asked her to be out, she says...

..... "Ohh, I only see you as a friend..!

I think this is the worst feeling anyone can have. The only problem with being in the friend zone is the rejected person feels stuck & hopeless in his life. Another biggest problem with being in the friend zone is that most of the time it leads to the end of friendship.

How to get out of the friend zone?

The Friendzone Quote :

I've so many friends but I'm still alone.

How to Get Out of the Friend Zone?

Are you in a friend zone? If yes read the below points carefully, & if not then also read this post as it will help you get out of it whenever you face such situations.

1. Accept it (That you're in friend zone)

I don't want you to waste your time thinking that she also loves you as it later leads to more disappointment and hopelessness. The first step is simple, all you need to do is to simply accept that you are in the friend zone with that girl.

Admitting it will help you clear your doubts about her and definitely help you get out of the friend zone.

2. Don't Beg for It (Stay Strong)

Most of the time, I see boys begging for love. But it's not a good way as it only down your self-respect. You have to stay strong in tough situations. 

What I think is you have not done anything wrong. And for it, you have to stay strong. Don't think she is the last girl. Just move on!

3. Raise your Standards (Improve Yourself)

I don't know the reason why she rejected you but self-improvement is always a good trait. Improve yourself, be a better person.

The best way to improve yourself is to improve your physical & mental health. Improve your physical health bu doing workout & your mental health by reading self-help books, watching inspirational videos and by following your passion.

How to get out of the friend zone?
Image Source: Canva

4. Stop showing Interest on Her ( Let her work hard to get you)

Next, you have to stop showing interest in her. Let her work hard for your attention. This may lead to the next level of your friendship. She may start loving you & may not. In both conditions never forget point 5.

5. Focus on your Goals

Do you think you can only survive by only having a relationship with her or any other girl? The clear answer is NO. 

Never forget, what you really want to be in your life, just because of a girl. It is good to have a relationship but your life goals should be your first priority. Whether you got success in point 4 or not. Just don't kill your dreams.

These are the 5 points, which can help you get out of the friend zone. Let me summarize these 5 points in the conclusion.


As I have discussed earlier, Friendzone is a hell situation for a rejected person and may lead to disappointment and lack of self-esteem. Following the above 5 points may help you get out of the friend zone.

If you believe that meditation can play an important role in self-improvement, then you can sign up for our 10 days of mindfulness meditation program which helps you in improving your posture, relieve anxiety, calm your mind & much more. Check out the complete details of the program here: Mindfulness Meditation Program (+ FREE Ebook)

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5 Incredibly Effective ways to deal with negative people (Proven Strategies)

Have you ever heard the quote "You are the average of 5 people you spend the most time with."? I bet you have heard it from one out of every five successful guys. It is extremely important to stay away from negative influences as the type of people you hang out with highly impact your own behavior. Well, today I am here at Kamal's Blog to share with you 5 incredibly effective ways to deal with negative people.

5 ways to deal with negative people
Image Source: Pixabay
Before starting my main topic, let me tell you what negative influences I am talking about. Most of us think that negative influences are Smoking, Drugs, & Alcohol but it's a lot more. According to the book, You Can Win by Shiv Khera negative influences are negative peoples, drugs, alcohol, pornography & profanity are the major negative influences.
5 ways to deal with negative people
Image Source: Canva

If you associate with achievers, you will become one. If you associate with thinkers, you will become one. If you associate with givers, you will become one. And, if you associate with negative people, you will become one. Most of the bad influences come from our own company. Now, it's time to reveal the 5 amazing ways which can help you stay away from negative peoples.

5 Ways to Stay away from Negative Influences (peoples)

In the below points, I have discussed the exact strategy that I have used to stay away from negative peoples. By following the below five points, I have experienced a great self-transformation in my life. So let's discuss each of them.

1. Ignore What they Say!

Yes, ignore what they say. Ignore everything negative comes out of their mouth. Don't let their opinion stop you from doing what you really want. Don't respond to them in the same negative way as you do before. I know what you guys do. Whenever you talk to a negative person, you start responding to them in the same way. But you need to stop doing it if you really want to deal with negative peoples. Next time you met a negative guy, remember this!

2. Don't try to please everyone.

I don't know the key to success but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.
Focus on this amazing quote by Bill Cosby. If you really want to make everyone happy then go sell ice-cream and leave this sh*t here, success is not for you. Success is a lonely journey. If you want to stay away from negative peoples, then you have to stop pleasing them. These may be your relatives, your best friends or your family members.

3. Try spending less time than before

Stop engaging yourself with negative friends. I know every one of us has both negative as well as positive friends. Now it's up to you, where you spend most of your time with. If you spend most of your time with negative peoples, you will most likely to be one. What I suggest you, is to spend less time with negative peoples than you do before.

4. Motivate Yourself: Listen to positivity

This is the most important factor which can help you move to the next level. Invest your quality time in watching motivational videos, reading books & listening to the podcasts rather than gossiping with negative friends. I personally start my day after watching something positive. Some of the best YouTube channels that I recommend you are:
I hope you love this list. Also, visit Instagram account of GaryVee, Mel Robbins & Andy Frisella for daily kick-ass motivation. This step is really beneficial in motivating yourself and to deal with negative peoples.

5. Find those 5 peoples

Do you know?
You are an average of 5 peoples, you like to associate with!
If the 5 people you hang out with are negative then surely the sixth one is you & in a similar way if you surround yourself with 5 highly successful peoples in your field, then again surely the sixth one will be you. Find those 5 highly successful peoples in your field. Stay with them. If you can't meet them physically then at least listen to their podcasts, watch their videos & read their blogs. Trust me it will help you to a great extent. watch this amazing video by Andy Frisella.


In the above post, I have discussed 5 incredibly effective ways to deal with negative peoples & influencers. The quality of people you hang out with play a major role in your success. Add some positive peoples into your life & remove some negative people from your life. I know it's not easy, but you can do so by following the above points.
You can also purchase the book named 3 pillars of self-healing from the below link:

5 ways to deal with negative people

Buy Now from Amazon here: The 3 pillars of Self-Healing (Amazon)

I hope you love this post. You can stay in touch with me on my tech blog. If you love this post, feel free to drop your suggestions in the comment box.

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No-Confidence Motion - A dangerous weapon of the opposition party

No-Confidence Motion - A dangerous weapon of the opposition party

Everything you need to know about the Friday's "No-Confidence Motion"

Here's an explainer on the "No-Confidence Motion" and the final result of that motion

"No-Confidence Motion" is a dangerous weapon of the opposition party if he proves the majority against the ruling party.

A most liked and viral image after the "No-Confidence Motion"

Rahul Gandhi - Modi
Image Source - Canva

After a debate of long 12 hours on Friday. Narendra Modi led NDA defeated the "No-Confidence Motion" in Lok Sabha by 199 votes
Only the electorate of the country can decide his fate and make him set on his chair," Modi said before asking, "What is Hurry?" Gandhi was present in the house when the Prime Minister made the statement.

This is the first "No-Confidence Motion" In 15 years.

The first no-confidence motion faced by the Narendra Modi government on Friday initiated by the Telugu Desam party saw spirited attacks by the opposition and a strong defense mounted by the government with the latter firmly expected to win the final vote.

However, the debate in the Lok Sabha also showed up surprise political alignments with the NDA ally Shiv Sena refusing to participate in the debate or support the government and the neutral Biju Janta Dal abstaining from both debate and voting.

What is No-Confidence Motion?

No- Confidence Motion
Image Source - Canva

According to the rules of the Indian Parliament, a government must always have majority support in the Lok Sabha in order to remain in power

If a member of the house feels that the government does not enjoy this majority then they can move a "No-Confidence motion" if the motion is accepted then the onus is on the government to defeat the motion in order to prove its majority in the house.

Neither a confidence motion nor a no-confidence motion is mentioned in the Constitution. But Article 75 spells it out that “the council of ministers shall be collectively responsible to the House of the People”. this implies that the majority of Lok Sabha members must support the prime minister and his cabinet.

No-Confidence Motion - Meaning

A no-confidence motion is an attempt, usually by an Opposition party, to get the government of the day to prove its majority on the floor of the House. The motion can only be moved by a member in the Lok Sabha, and, once moved, offers MPs an opportunity to discuss the government’s performance, before voting on whether the ruling party has the “confidence” of the House.

  • Vote- The motion is then put to vote it can be conducted through "Voice Vote", "Division of Vote" or the other mean
  • The government of the day has to resign if the government loses a "Confidence" motion or the "No-Confidence" motion is accepted by the majority
  • There is no time-limit that must be adhered to between two no-confidence motions

 Mr.Modi said, "As I listened to the speeches I realized that the words flew not unknowingly or due to false confidence but from arrogance."

Slamming Congress president Rahul Gandhi surprise hug at the end of his speech. Mr. Modi said it reflects a "Hurry to come in power"

Actually its not about the parties I have seen the most dangerous thing is the Cheif Minister of Andhra Pradesh

War Against AP

While Mr.Modi speech was about the disarray in the Opposition and his government achievements first-time TDP MP Jayadev Galla set the tone for the opposition when he initiated the debate
"It is a war between majority and morality. It is a war between the Modi Regime and Andhra Pradesh. It is a war against discrimination shown by the Modi Regime towards AP. It is a war to honor an act of Parliament and an Assurance made by Prime Minister in Parliament he said...

History of No-Confidence Motion

  • Acharya Kripalani moved the first-ever no-confidence motion on the floor of the Lok Sabha in August 1963, immediately after the disastrous India-China War (Failed)
  • Prime Minister Indira Gandhi faced the most number of No-Confidence motions - 15 times
  • 1993 - Congress wins "No-Confidence" vote moved By CPI
  • 1999 - BJP loses "No-Confidence" vote after Jayalalita withdraws support
  • 2003 - Atal Bihari Vajpayee wins "No-Confidence" vote moved by Congres
  • 2018-  TDP moves "No-Confidence" motion against Modi-led by BJP Government and BJP wins...

Some of the other bill listed for this session

  • The Muslim Women (Protection Of Rights on Marriage) Bill 2017
  • The Whistle Blowers Protection (Amendment) Bill 2015
  • The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill 2015
  • The Representation of the People (Amendment) Bill 2017

Your little appreciation and honest feedback make me write even more. A person who feels appreciated will always do more than expected.

Thanks for reading 

thank you , love you
Image Source - Canva


Anger Management - Control & Counselling - Life Teaching Lesson

Anger Management - Control & Counselling

Anger or Wrath is an intense emotional response usually involving agitation.

It is an emotional reaction that impacts the body...

Today why I'm telling the word Anger to you because I have a very wonderful story related this..

Also Read - Mind & Meditation

The story which will help you in future...

The story of " A Bag Of Nails" 

The life teaching lesson learned by a Young Boy

Image Source - Pixabey

There once was a young boy with a very bad temper.

The boy's father wanted to teach him a lesson so he gave him a bag of nails and told him that every time he lost his temper he must hammer a nail into their wooden fence.

Image Source - Pixabey

On the first day of this lesson, the little boy had driven 37 nails into the fence.

Over the course of the next few weeks, the little boy began to control his temper so the number of nails that were hammered into the fence dramatically decreased 

It wasn't long before the little boy discovered it was easier to hold his temper than to drive those nails into the fence.

Then the day finally came when the little boy didn't lose his temper even once and he became so proud of himself he couldn't wait to tell his father

Pleased his father suggested that he now pull out one nail for each day that he could hold his temper several weeks went by and the day finally came when the young boy was able to tell his father that all the nails were gone

Very gently the father took his son by the hand and led him to the fence

You have done very well my son he smiled but look at the holes in the fence the fence will never be the same.

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The little boy listened carefully as his father continued to speak :

When you say things in anger they leave permanent scars just like these and no matter how many times you say you're sorry the wounds will still be there

Remember this story and don't be angry because it harms you most because 

Anger causes the utmost destruction than any weapon.

Sorry is the most common word that people often use but remember the scar is never gonna heal.
Control your emotion and anger.

Be silent when you're angry and let your success make the noise.