Guys i hope you all are doing well....I write a blog after long time because i do not get any intresting topic but today i got a very interesting topic which is related to daily life...........

So before starting my topic i started the topic with one thought :


My today topic is PROCRASTINATION :

Basically it is the small word but play a very important role in our life aswell as it is responsible for success.

PROCRASTINATION iS obtained from the latin word "Procrastinare" where pro means forward & crastinare means tommrow or "Till next day" so by this we get a defination of Procrastination which is follows:

"The action of delaying of postpone something"

So this word is simply means depend on the tommrow for your work. It is not good for us and also for our future to postpond somthing for the tommrow  because by this you also waste the time and also loss your connfidence regarding the work.

We all know this is very harmful for us because by this we totally depend upon the tommrow.

  • There are lots of advantages and disadvantages of the "Procrastination" but i tell you some basic drawbacks and benefits of "Procrastination" which are as follows :

Advantages to be "Procrastinator"

  • If you left some work for tommrow then on next day you want to do things in smart way and in less time
  • By this we increase your belief power again the work or again our working capacity
  • We all know that while good things take time but great things happen when you are running against time
  • You tend to be little happier than everyone else while there can be value to feeling stress free when you get things done early there is much more happiness That comes from things done just in time
  • By this we avoid discomfort and pain by avoid action we avoid our fear regarding the work

Disadvantages of "Procrastination"

  • If you are procrastinator then you do not make the good impression in front of your friendz or boss because by this they think that you are lazy.
  • Somehow its also effected your professional life because by this you loss some important opportunities which makes your future bright
  • Mostly by this we are wasting our time
  • Totally depend upon future which is totally wrong because no one knows what happened on the future

We all know the punctuality play a vital role and it is the key to success in life...

"Lazy hands makes for poverty but diligent hands bring wealth"

Reason of "Procrastination" in different field of life which is  follows :

There are different reason which i explain to you by the help of some important images :

Overcomes from the procrastination 

There are different method to overcomes from the "Procrastination"

  • Commit to task means focus on doing not on avoiding 
  • Promise yourself a reward if you complete the task within a certain time period then give treat to yourself like going in your favorite place or drinking your favorite beverages
  • Minimize distractions this will help you a lot if you minimize your distractions if you use less social media like facebook,what's app etc...
  • Use task & time management app there are different kinds of specially to do the work more organized way  




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    1. Sound good....thnks it's only possible by your kind support.

  2. To be genuine its amazing post yr ... I nvr have an iota that procrastination can have any advantage ... After reading this I will follow them as well...

    1. Thanks a lot for your priceless feedback.

      Yes the procrastination have the advantages but for those who take it as a right way...Basically its all depend upon the personality and their thinking of the person.