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So before starting the topic i have request to you please guide me for one question that is 
What is life according to you

So lets start my topic that is "LION THEORY" OR "LION & LIFE"

As we know that "LION" is the king of the forest and animals are scared by the name of lion. Basically lion a large wild animal of the cat family with yellowish-brown fur that lives in Africa & Southern Asia.

Some real fact please do read carefully  and think about every point and also related this thing to your life  :
These are the some question which create a interest or which force me to write about the animal lion

Basically these type of question are asked in Elementary education but it is play a very important role in our life

Who is the largest land animal?
Yes elephant but African elephant is the largest land animal

Who is the fastest land animal?
Yes readers you are right Cheetah is the fastest land animal

Who is the tallest animal?
If we are talking about tallest only one animal are come in mind that is Giraffe

Who is the largest bird?
Ostrich is the largest bird in the land

Above are the some fastest,tallest,largest animals are there in these question you see the name of "LION" think about the that.

Lion is not having above these qualities but "LION" is known as the king of the jungle how ............

According to me the lion is define by four words :
L = Leadership
I = Intelligency
O = Organize
N = Nab

A lion's work hours are only when he's hungry once he's satisfied the predator & the prey live peacefully together

Lion has the willingness to do something that's why he is the king of the forest.

Why lion is the king of the jungle?He is the king of jungle because of their boldness & courage

If you apply same lesson in your life you will be reached in your highest success level

Some points which will helps you for better future

Don't compare yourselves to others because by doing this you will loss your ability to do the work in the more effective way.

Forget about the toppers in your's class forget about the handsome hunk of your's class always follow yourselves

Learn a lesson from small mistake.

Create your own rule and break your limits same which is done by the lion when they are searching for their food.
Be thirsty for your success

Some famous personality like Albert Einstein , Sachin Tendulkar e.t.c...and many more...
They all are not the toppers of their classes but they are successful
Because they all had a strong will power same like LION

So always have a faith in you ability do not think about the work for your success only one think remember in your mind that SUCCESS

It's all depend upon you that :



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