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I have a humbel request to all visitor if you love someone truly please give your openion about this topic because it's very important for all of us please read carefully.


Today i will discuss about a very common topic which is "PHYSICAL RELATION & RELATIONSHIP" for your kind information these types of topic is my favorite one.

Everyone said to me that :

Why you are always talking about these topic?

So before starting today topic i will request you please read my previous blog regarding love 

Basically my main motivate for today post is

  • This post is for those girls who do stupid mistakes in their relationship
  • This post is for those parents who love their kids but somehow their kinds is afraid to talk in front of them
  • This post is for all might be its you or your sister daughter or friend help them.


There are many question arise in my mind when i will think about this topic so give your openion about these question 

  • Will physical relation is necessary for maintain the relationship?
  • Do you really think after providing physical relation you can save your relationship 
  • Will kissing is important part of relationship?

And many more question might be these question are also arise in your mind

Physical Relation means different things to different people.From my point of view it is a healthy and natural activity.But Today physical relation is like addiction to many people by which they destroy their future & some time they also target the girls.

It is something most people enjoy & find meaningful even if they create meaning in different ways.Whether you are straight,lesbian,gay,bisexual you have the right to decide what sex means to you.

Sexual & romantic relationship are an important part of life.But to a certain limit if you are crossing those limits then its comes in Addiction.


Basically it is range of behaviors that are done in excess and significantly impact one's life in a negative way.

Different types of physical relation addiction

Masturbation or fantasy
Other excessive sexual pursuits

In my recent study with my friend and with the public or young ones like me...most of them are in relationship but around 30% are true in toward the girl but rest of them are just for enjoyment means they all has a ego of a girlfriend

I remembered once incident which i read in the article of the magazine which so much effective :

There is article based on the  today relationship.Relationship in social networking sites today love is addicted to social networking sites so i will try to give brief detail about the articles

SO there is a boy and girl who are in relationship till last 2 year  as use well boy are just doing.....They were a happy couple but after 6 month her boyfriend asked for her nude images.She denied and broke up.

They didn't talk for few weeks but after sometime she started missing him she didn't want to lose that guy & she share some nude images with that guy now from that point of time the relationship is convert in different ....after that the sharing process continue and after a time boy want some video also.. AND doing a blackmail to girl "If they are not sending him video then he share her nude pic in the social networking site then girl are so fair about that thing then they do not have any choice so she make their video and send to the boy....

It's a very big article i do not tell you in detail but i hope you understand now what is my main motive to tell you this story..

So it's all done through a social networking site i appeal to you please be smart...

After reading this article  i felt angry not because of her boyfriend but because of her stupidity or blind love with the boy....

For these types of love in social networking sites i gave three hard advice if you follow then it's better for you

  • Block that guy immediately so that he can never contact you again
  • Never meet that guy again or change your number & avoid all common friends who are associated with you
  • Toughest advice tell every thing to your parents

Might be some other reason like :

  • You cannot fight alone that guy is a sexual addictor he will do anything to get you in bed.And once he is done with you he will throw you out of his life
  • You are afraid that your parents will disown you.You are afraid of embarrassment but always remember one thing the public embarrassment is worst then private one
  • This is social networking site my baby onces your picture will go online it makes few seconds and there is million will share your picture

At last i appeal to the parents with my own made quotes

Loving someone is not a crime it's a natural

Give full support to your child if they want to say something listen to them you will never know what they are going to telling you





  1. Loving someone is not a crime, using that love to just fullfill ur desires is!!!

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