What is the difference between knowledge & wisdom ?

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Brief introduction about today topic

What is Knowledge?
What is Wisdom?
Specific word for knowledge
Relation between Knowledge & wisdom

Knowledge is the information regarding the topic or we also say that

"Knowledge is information which someone is inspire"

If a person having a knowledge about the particular things then he is very confident by which there personality differ then others. Knowledge is a big weapon for us and it also helpful for our bright future.


Knowledge means to "Knowing or understanding something especially about the particular subject

Having awareness of facts

Something that can be known basically information

Knowledge are having different forms whether it is in practical form or in theoretical form its all depend upon you that how you collect and by which medium

Specific word :

 Theoretical knowledge is also called as explicit ( only theoretical understanding of the subject )
Practical knowledge is also called as implicit ( learn by practical skill )

There are different types of knowledge like :
Communicating knowledge
Situated knowledge
Partial knowledge
Scientific knowledge
Basically knowledge is the dynamic process in which we increase our mental power which helps us for the better future.Knowledge is gained through learning facts.

Someone who knows a lot about the certain subject such as science or history can be considered as knowledgeable person.

"Learn Gain knowledge and Fly"


Wisdom is basically direct related to a person its the kind of ability.

Wisdom is the ability to make correct judgments & decisions

Wisdom is comes from the experience aswell as from the knowledge so knowledge is the key factor for wisdom.

Simply wisdom is define & refine our character "Character is simply who we are and is the persona and identify of everything we do"

I have one quotes might be it is suitable for understanding the wisdom ;

"Great losses are great lessons"

Time play the main role for wisdom and knowledge

Both knowledge and wisdom increase by time only for that who work for it.It is commonly accepted that A person who spend 20years studing a topic knows more then someone who has spent only 5 years on same subject matter. In general more times equal more knowledge but more time doesn't guarantee wisdom because the knowledge is data facts about the subject but wisdom is directly related to you mental aswellas your thinking & accepting power.

Sometimes time also play a negative role in the Wisdom and Knowledge because with time there is lots of data,information will changed by this your wisdom is effected if your wisdom is effected then you won't able to do things properly.

For example :In the past the wise solution to an unwanted pregnancy was a quick marriage but in modern time there is different methods like Abortion,Adoption or embracing single parenthood.

Relation between Knowledge and Wisdom 

They both are correlated with each other.Wisdom is enhanced by knowledge and the ability to acquire knowledge effectively.

According to my point of view :

Wisdom is the process of using your knowledge in a practical and productive manner

Basically knowledge is comes from the external factors but wisdom is comes from internally 




  1. Hey very nice post by you.. 1 thing that I wanna say is knowledge is not power but implemented knowledge is the real power. 😊

  2. Nice post the knowledge is a massive destruction weapon!