Learn lesson of Life from a beautiful story : Milk & Water :)

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SO my topic is somehow related to "Water & Milk"

What is Milk ?

Milk is the white liquid product by the mammary gland of mammals.It is the primary source of proteins & nutrients for the human body.

Proteins consist in Milk :

  • Biotin
  • Iodine
  • Magnesium
  • Pantothenic acid
  • Potassium
  • Riboflavin
  • Selenium
  • Thiamine
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin K

What is Water ?

Water [H2O] is a transparent & nearly colorless chemical substance which is the main constituent of lakes seas rivers e.t.c.

A question is probably whirling into your mind i.e. Why I am telling you the answer of these simple questions ?

This is because my today's post is totally based on water and milk. These two liquid  tells about our life and there is no doubt that it is also play a vital role in the life of all the organism

So let's start the topic :)

It is my personal experience on the different people of the society that someone's life is like water while others life is like milk. Might be you're bit confused by this statement.Let me clear your confusion for this I'll have to tell you a very interesting story..

Actually this thought stuck in my mind on one fine morning, when  I am taking a coffee in a tea stall and the I just watched the coffee making process of that guy because that stall is famous in our area .....Due to less milk the person who is making the coffee for us needs more milk and for that he called his boy & said that bring some more packets of milk...

After 15 minutes his boy carry a packets of milk...then suddenly i asked the question to that person that what is the difference between "Milk & Water" all the laughed at me and said that "You do not know the difference between Milk & Water..and then my colleague tell me the same difference which I've told you above ...all the person who sit in the tea stall they all are agree ...!!

But the boy of that person starting us I asked to that boy that why he stairing us then he said politly that..
Sir I also know the answer of that question can I also try?
Now i am very excited for his answer might be he is having a different idea then...

He slashes the milk packets and pours it in the vessel..and on the other hand he also put the water on another vessel and on the flame of both the range...

After 4 to 5 minutes the milk is simmer..

The boy is having a glass of water he looked at me & with a deep sighs asks..
"Sir now you understand the difference between the Milk & Water"
I said no and tell that please tell me in a simple way ..then he said politily to me that ....

"On boiling both milk and water we can see that water knows it's limit while milk doesn't"

Now by his answer all are shocked & start gossips with each other then suddenly he again give shock to us by telling one quotes :
Image Source: Pixabay


This insightful sentences profoundly stirs my worldly wise base..
Today his response offers both functional and psychological benefits to my life

I hope you also apply this formula of "Milk & Water" in your life in  achieving all your goals.


  1. I liked the story yr... Specially that anss given by boy... As u r saying to share our fav. Topic so it is about pets ... Dogs

    1. Thanks dear for your feedback.
      I will post my next topic about "DOG"
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