What are the best tricks to keep yourself motivated

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So today i will tell you the best tricks by which you motivate yourself before starting the topic i will say one thing....

So before starting the topic i request you to all visit my previous blog "THESE MOTIVATIONAL THOUGHTS TEACH YOU A LIFE LESSON"

According to me motivation is the process of stimulating people to action to accomplish the goal.If I talk about the word "MOTIVATION" it is derived from the word "MOTIVE" which means needs,desire,wants or drives within the individuals.

Simply motivation is the internal feeling for achieving a particular goal & objectives.


It is the tricks which i also do when i feel that my motivation level is low so if you follow some of tricks you can definetly motivate yourself

  • Know yourself & be your best

First and important thing is that know yourself.Be positive most of time.Love yourself.Be confident & the other thing is that accept what you don't know.Be willing to learn.Take responsibility of your action.

  • Thanks to God always

Always thanks to god because all the things which you have it because grace of the god always pray to the god for the welfare of society and when you go to the bed always think about the good thing which happened today with you

  • Self-talk

It is the easiest thing to do without having wasting your time.
Can you feel low when you hear a voice inside you whispering "I feel so low today"
So for that have a positive self-talk before sleeping & first thing in the morning.If you are doing self-talk then by this you can also control your thoughts as well as your emotions and all.

  • Keep update & reminding yourself

Keep update yourself with the different trends which is helpful for you & one of the important thing is that motivation is same like bathing you can't just shower a day & call yourself clean from the rest of month.So remind every day yourself for the purpose

  • Find your catalyst

Catalyst is the substances which increase the process so firstly find your catalyst because catalyst take you closer to your goal it could be :
A mentor
Gym Session
A book

Be always positive nothing is impossible in the world....Be the best version or yourself..
IF you like it so give your priceless feedback in the comment section below..Enjoy the every moment of life..Be happy Be loyal to your AIM..



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    1. Great Mr.Viswas..
      If you need any help so feel free to contact me.

  2. Very valid tips on motivation.

    1. Thanks i hope you apply these types in your life too...

      Keep visiting and sharing

  3. Very valid tips on motivation.

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  5. Wow Great article for motivation.

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