ASEAN - The Group of Countries

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So guys today i would like to tell you some facts about a group ASEAN

  1. What is ASEAN

ASEAN - Association of Southeast Asian Nations

Its a group of 10 countries which are as follows..

  • Short tricks to learn the name of ASEAN countries

T - Thailand
V - Vietnam
C - Cambodia
L - Laos
I - Indonesia
P - Philippines
M- Malaysia
B - Burma (Myanmar)
B - Brunei
S - Singapore


It's a community was formed on 8 August 1967 in Bangkok with the signing of the ASEAN Declaration or Bangkok Declaration by the founding fathers of ASEAN namely Indonesia , Malaysia , Philippines , Singapore & Thailand...

ASEAN basically formed to promote political & economic cooperation & regional stability between the countries....In July 2017 as ASEAN celebrated its 50th Anniversary....

This group commands far greater influence on Asia-Pacific Trade political & security issues than its members could achieve individually.

Apart from the members ASEAN is connected with other countries also for aimed to participate on the Mission & Visions of the league...The league is conducting an annual meetings with other countries in an organisation collectively known as the ASEAN dialogue partners like China,Japan,South korea ,India..

ASEAN leaders hold an internal organisation meeting
ASEAN leaders hold a conference together with foreign ministers of the ASEAN Regional Forum


  • Political-Security Community
  • Economic Community
  • Socio-Cultural Community

Each pillar has its own Blueprint approved at the summit level and together with the Initiative for ASEAN Integration (IAI) ....


EMBLEM represent a stable,Peace,united & Dynamic ASEAN
As you see the Colour in the Emblem are ...
RED -  Shows Courage & Dynamism
BLUE - Shows Peace & Stability
WHITE - Shows Purity
YELLOW - Shows Symbolises prosperity
Each pillar has its own Blueprint approved at the summit level and together with the Initiative for ASEAN Integration (IAI) ....


  •  Promote peace all over the world with the help of different world organization
  • Accelerate the economic growth , social progress & cultural development in the region through joint operation
  • Mutual respect for the independence,sovereignty,equality,territorial integrity & national identify of all nation
  • Settlement of differences or disputes by peaceful manner
  • Effective cooperation among themselves

Meetings Between Dialogue Partners of ASEAN

  • ASEAN +3 is meeting between ASEAN , China ,Japan,& South Korea and it held during each ASEAN summit
  • Asia-Europe meeting (ASEM) the basic purpose of this meeting is that make a strong co-operation between the countries of Europe & Asia
  • ASEAN -US summit is an annual meeting between leaders of member state & the president of the US
  • ASEAN-Russia Summit is also an annual meeting between leaders of member state & The President of Russia
  • ASEAN-India Summit is an annual meeting between leaders of members of states and the Prime Minister of India