Love an unbalanced barter system

Thanks readers there is a very good response of yours in my previous post "DARK SIDE OF LOVE"..

So again I'm back with another interesting topic... so i hope you all will give a more better response then previous one.....Thanks a lot readers....

Before that i will tell you one thing?
I hope you all aware about barter system...
It's simply mean exchange of goods....or any necessary things which fulfill the need of common people..

Why I'm used this word "Barter System" Because my today topic is related to this one....

Love is like not having control in yourself..

LOVE what an amazing word!

LOVE is an emotional & logical process of ours towards a person..

I'm so curious about this topic because this topic is the eye opening topic for all the lovers

So as per me love is the best example of unbalanced barter system..

I'm saying this sentences because i have seen  lots of "LOVE BIRD" around me.
They all are think that LOVE is most important need of human life but mostly time it is not...LOVE is not a great thing to do it because it eats you up...

Now i will request you to all please read this story by which you also know why I'm saying that "LOVE an unbalanced barter system"..


It's the story of a boy named Allien who is very tall & handsome guy..he is belong from a well class family his family have a reputed name & fame within the country....
Allien completed their graduation and now he will join the business of their family...and he is also excited because now they will enter a business life...


He is very simple & very passionate about their goal..he is also good in their acdamics aswell as he is also having a good & dance is the hobby of Allien..

Now 1st day of office...
He met a girl {Ruhi} in his office...Ruhi was an open-minded girl & sensible girl..A calm,fun-loving & kind by nature..

They used to do chit-chats in free hours...and also similar on the ground of taste,mindset & interest...they both enjoyed hanging out with each other on daily basic....Gradually Allien started falling for her ..from their Allien created a problem for herself....
Now they will only focus on the they distructed from their goal..

Now they both are more then the best friend...they both love each other a lot.....but sometimes he feared loosing friendship with her..
Neverthless  he was more than happy when with her.
He also played music as a hobby, acting as a catalyst to intensify love feeling.

Suddenly Ruhi started cutting him..for a week there is no conversation between the Allien got disturbed they do not give their full strength to their work...
Due to that thing He left the job..and spend their most of time in thinking of that girl...stress out allien meet with an accident..from their his all plan is destroyed ....but Allien manage everything he again join the business...
But he is very curious to know about the changing behaviour of Ruhi...He was searching for every clue which give him a information about the Ruhi....then suddenly he meet with one of the close friend of Ruhi then she tell everything about the Ruhi...that how much she love to You..
She was also give him some letters and reports of Ruhi...her friend also tell him the very sad news that Ruhi is no more....
Then again For a few weeks, he deteoriated internally..Perhaps, his fear of losing had came true. He had gone plump and overweight and neglected his health. He stopped playing music as he didn't want to rewind anything related to her. However, good friends saved him from depression. Slowly, he started to pick himself up..
Time changed for the better…
Sometimes, time answers the unanswered questions. All we need to stay strong is patience and let go…
His Behaviour improved with time.
Now he is well known businessman of the city..

--------------------------------------------------story ends----------------------------------------------

The story tells us that what actually happened with them..the boy & the girl have a strong feelings & attachment for each other but the girl do not express their feelings...might be their is some reason behind them...

But this proof that love is an unbalanced barter system..because in LOVE there is sharing of emotions,feelings, an unbalanced way....



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