Section 377 - Hope for LGBT community

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Today i would like to tell you about the very serious matter of the society...Its Section 377

Guys give your openion about the Section 377

So let's start the topic..

  • What is Section 377

Sec 377 is against the homosexuality.
Sec 377 of the Indian penal code makes carnal intercourse or any non-procreative sexual act between a man and a woman illegal punishable with up to 10 years in jail..

In simple under this law - sex between Man & Man , Woman & Woman or Anal sex between Man & Woman or Bestiality is defined as unnatural sex.
If proof is produced like video or photographs then the person so accused may faced upto 3 years in Prison maybe more

I hope now you will know what is actually Section 377


Before that some abberiviation which i used in the below..
HC - High Court 
SC - Supreme Court
NGO - Non- Governmental Organization
CJI - Chief Justice Of India 
PIL - Public Interest Litigation

Chronological order of Section 377

The fight for the gay rights or for the LGBT community started from 2001..

2001 - An NGO fighting for gay rights Naz Foundation files PIL in the delhhi HC seeking legalisation of gay sex

2 SEPTEMBER 2004 - HC dismisses the PIL
Between the time period of September there are different Social Activity was happened in fever of LGBT community by this gay rights activists approach the SC against the HC order..

3 APRIL 2006  - SC directs HC to reconsider
B.P Singhal's plea opposing the decriminalisation of gay sex

25 SEPTEMBER 2008 - Gay rights activists contend that the government cannot infringe upon their fundamental rights to equality by criminalising homosexual acts ...

2 JULY 2009 -  HC allows plea of gay rights activists and legalises homosexuality

11 DECEMBER 2013 - SC sets aside the 2009 Delhi HC order decriminalising gay sex

28 JANUARY 2014 - Supreme Court dismiss centre's petition seeking a review of its verdict that had declared gay sex an offence

30 JUNE 2016 - A two judge SC bench refers a petition filed by five members of LGBT community Seeking to legalise gay sex to the CJI for "Appropriate orders"

24 AUGUST 2017 - Supreme court declares individual privacy is fundamental right

 8 JANUARY 2018 - Supreme court Refers section 377 to a larger bench of the court

It's a three-judge Bench led by Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra decided to revisit a December 2013 verdict of the Supreme Court in the Suresh Kumar Kaushal versus Naz Foundation which dismissed the LGBT community as a negligible part of the population while virtually denying them the right of choice & sexual orientation



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