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Guys today i would like to tell you about a social issue..


Firstly i will tell you what the actually meaning of the word LGBT and also the history of LGBT..

Before that i will request you all ...please go through a below note..

It is very important to respect people and their desire..we can't judge the person by their appearance or by their talking it is always best to ask people how they identify including what pronouns they prefer & to respect their wishes...

Today i will tell you some aspects regarding LGBT community or people..
So let's start the topic...

LGBT stands for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender

LGBT is a social issues in India..there is many reforms are happening for Given the rights to LGBT person..Most of the person thinks that sexual activity between two people of the same gender is illegal & same sex can't live together or in a civil partnership..for that Indian court takes some steps towards that one..i will tell you those steps in my next blog..

Before that i would like to tell you some basic terms for the topic..

Some unknown terms :

ALLY : Any Non-lgbt person who stand for the rights of these people

BISEXUAL: Its sometime also called "Bi".Bisexual are those person who attract towards the both gender..Male & Female both..

GAY : A person who attract towards the same sex..i.e. Gay person,Gay man,Gay women

LESBIAN : This term is used for those women who attract towards the women

HETEROSEXUAL : A person who is only attract towards the members of opposite sex...sometimes it is known as "Straight"

HOMOSEXUAL : Some people find this term offensive..this term is used for those who attract towards the same sex.

INTERSEX : This term is used for those whoes chromosomes does not match with the traditional markers of "Male & Female"..Basically they are born with both male and female anatomy

QUEER : Its a umbrella term used for the whole community of LBGT..

SHEMALE : A term used most often in the porn industry for a pre-op transsexual who has already developed breasts but still has an intact penis

Hope for LGBT community 

"I want to give people social & Financial empowerment so eventually people who want to come out wont't be affected (negatively) It won't make a difference if they are disinherited" -----
                                                                                                    By Prince Manvendra

India's only Gay prince Manvendra Singh Gohli opens his palace for LGBT community...
This is very good news from India that Prince Manvendra Singh Gohli..India's only gay prince the prbable heir of the Maharaja of Rajpipla in Gujarat has opened up his 15-acre palace grounds to LGBT community members..
Named Hanumanteshwar the four bedroom palace was built by his ancestor.He said to be constructing more building for the same The development comes amid supreme court's decision to review the controversial section 377 that criminalies gay sexual relations in the country.The firstly openly gay prince in the world also runs "THE LAKSHYA TRUST" which works with the LGBT community .He is also a consultant at AIDS Healthcare Foundation.