What does actually introvert mean?

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  • What does actually introvert mean?
Introvert is the personality treats which is found in most of the personality..
Introvert tend to be a inward turning or focused more on their internal thoughts.

Introverts person are those person who enjoy their own internal thoughts rather then the external thoughts..

Basically introvert and extrovert are the two faces of our society or a human life..No one is totally extrovert or introvert ...most of people are comes between them..


As i said earlier that introvert tend to be inward turning..
Introverts tend to more quiet,reserved & introspective.Introverts have to expend their energy in social situations.


  • Very self aware
  • Deep thinker
  • Learn through observation
  • Like to be quite
  • Busy with their internal thoughts
  • Always think different
  • Interested in self-knowledge & self-understanding
  • Tends to keep emotions private
  • Introvert tend to write better than we speak


  • Introverts are problem solvers & Idea generators

Introverts like to do their work alone by which they do more better..they are deep thinker
they observe the problem then do deep research by which they finish the problem from the root..they only believe on their observation

  • Give up?Not yet

Speaking of problem solving introverts tend to stick with problems longer...well past when everyone else has moved on to another topic or gone home for the day.They always believe on the self understanding...
Albert Einstein the world renowned physicist who developed the theory relativity was probably an introvert..He once said...

  • Introverts make better team players that extroverts over the long run

They are believe on observation so they know very well that what are the future trends for the organization so they plan from the beginning for the upcoming problems..so introverts make better team player for the long run

  • Introverts bring incredible depth & intimacy to their relationship

Introverts like to spent their time with their closest one.Instead of talking weather or what you did this weekend...we'd rather peer into your inner world.

  • Introverts know the power of words

Introverts tend to listen more rather than we talk and think before speak..We choose our words carefully because we know that once said words can't be retracted or easily forgotten

  • Who runs the world?Introvert

Extroverts can and do lead.But let's not forget that introverts make powerful leaders...according to the reports 40% of executives describe themselves as introverts including Bill Gates.
Bill Gates believes that introverts can make great leaders because they know the value of being alone & focusing deeply.

Extroverts and introverts both are responsible to make  the balance in the society...somehow they both are play a very important role in the society..so introvert and extroverts are the two inner face of a human being ....
For knowing more about the Introverts & Extroverts....click on the video.



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