MIND - A Powerful Weapon


Mind a powerful weapon for all the creatures lived in the earth..

  • What is mind?

 Mind is a powerful weapon which having a different faclities  like thinking judgement              language memory and many more things....

Mind is the element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences to think to feel ........

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Their are different questions arise in your mind that :

  • Is mind and brain are similar
  • What is the difference between mind & brain

And many more questions .. Now its time to clear your doubt regarding brain and mind...

Firstly congrats to all because today you will got your answer..

Brain & mind are not the same your brain is the part of the visible tangible world of your body
Your mind is part of the invisible transcendent world of thought feeling attitude belief and imaginations
The brain is the physical organ most associated with mind and consciousness but the mind is not confined to the brain

 I hope you got your answer...

Now we will proceed to the topic.....before that tell me one thing

Have you ever tried to change a behavior or habit due to some disappointed or something else...Don't worry you are not alone i was one of you.... i had some undisciplined habits...fortunately i was able to change these habits ..in that process i learned some secrets so by this article i want to share these secrets with you so you can apply these "SELF-TRANSFORMATION" techniques to some of your habits ...

Most of time Self-Transformation (changing a habits) is not a quick fix..for that you requires reprogramming of your mind...which takes place at the subconscious part of mind ..

So its important to understand the function and process of mind...especially the subconscious mind..

  1. There are three parts of mind

  • Conscious mind
  • Subconscious mind
  • Super conscious mind

  • Conscious Mind

Simply it's the primary part of mind..this mind is responsible for logic,reasoning, and all the voluntary action with awareness such as reading,listening,writing,speaking e.t.c..
When someone refers to "My mind" in a conversation this is usually the part they're speaking about
its work as a recorder therefore you must be very careful about your actions it is like a chain reaction which happen in a chain

Conscious mind is the gateway to subconscious mind

If you always think negative then it this will shown in your attitude and also effect your judgment..
People get into the habit of thinking "Why does this always happen to me"

Also like - "Answer of Why always me"

  • Super-Conscious mind

As per the name its also known as the Big-Boss of the other two part the most common word used for this mind is universal mind.In simple language it has no boundaries or limitations in its power to create from infinitely to the infinitely small from the microscopic to the greatest of the unvirse

  • Sub-Conscious mind

I saved the sub-conscious mind for the last because it is the most complicated and for our purpose the most important.Its the factory of imagination. Basically its consist of Sanskaras..It is responsible for all of our involuntary action , heartbeat, breathing rate etc..The language of this mind is feelings emotions and images.

Sub-Conscious mind is the gateway to super conscious mind

So from above we get a perfect meaning of mind is that ..
Mind is a powerful weapon which consist of all the work or data of your past and present as well as the future because your all the actions are controlled by your mind...

Do share your thoughts on the same..Thank you and blessings


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