Self-Transformation - A key to victory

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This is big one.Are you ready for it? Self-Transformation - A key to victory

So readers before going to the main topic i will clear your doubt regarding Self-improvement and Self-Transformation

They both are co-related to each other..

"Self-Improvement" is a process of making small changes in our lives where we improve our health habits improve our memory skills improve our relationship skills everyone knows about the Self-Improvement.

Have a look - "Self-improvement"

Now i proceed to the main topic..

"Self-Transformation - A key to victory"

The act or process of transforming

Self-Transformation is a process of creating ourselves a new its means examine your daily thoughts and activity and also analyze your behavior

So before planning for self-transformation one has to check one's attitude and approach while achieving a goal..

For self-transformation you required a programming of your "Mind.."

  1. Steps for Self-Transformation

  • Develop the Habits

The first and the foremost thing is that develop your habits for that particular goal which you will achieve by your daily routine..Train your "Mind" for your habits

Because Life is  a slave of our Daily Habits

  • Identify your goal

Make your goal clear.After identifying your goal find out the path and the way you mean to achieve it.Do a hard work for your goal..

Apply the concept of "Deathbed Mentality" in your life for achieving the goal

  • Build on your strength

In the process of achieving the goal or the desired objectives one should try to build a strength.Try to surround yourself with those people who will help and encourage you to achieve your goal.
Once you made the resolution to change you need to separate yourself from day to day existence.The places people and the important thing is habits.

  • Believe in yourself

If one does not have self-belief how one can except others to believe in them so try to build self confidence so those around you are attracted to you. Without self-believe you can't do the self-transformation because the self-believe is the first step towards the self-transformation

Always think life as a school where you are constantly learning lessons and growing..

There is a great line shared by an author ...
It's very important to know where we are in the whole process of world and as well as what's our daily progress towards the goal....

No matter our current phase , though , these three rules stay the same

  • Don't expect yourself to be anywhere other than where you are accept your current place on the path
  • Anticipate the very next phase beyond the one you're in so you can prepared for it when it arrives
  • Be compassionate and understanding to others regardless of their progress on their own personal journey

Please share your experiences on this matter
Thank you and blessings

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