VALENTINE DAY - Week for lovers

Ohh Yes !!!!
It's February..A months for lovers...

February - The month of love
No wonder the shortest one in the calendar...

Hey guys your wait is the times is come...its the time of Valentine Week...

Valentine's Day is just seven days away , but the run-up to this occasion is no less exciting...
Every week day from 7th of Feb. has its own significance which offers a different reason to celebrate it your loved ones....In this week the love is in the air...

Everyone is busy to plan their Valentine's with their special one...

Basically this day is also known as the Saint Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine this day is tribute to the roman priest St Valentine or Valentinus. It's not the public holiday but this day is celebrated across the globe with full excitement and love..

Here is the complete list of the week...

1) Rose Day (7th of February)

    The first day of Valentine's week is Rose day. In that day people gift roses to their loved ones as a token of love.This day gives people reason to share some love with each other by exchanging this beautiful flower.
Rose day also extends to friends who usually share yellow roses with each other on this day

2) Propose Day ( February 8)

     This day is famous for declare their love for that person.Several people also use this day to propose marriage to the person they love.After all its the best day to express your feeling towards a person

3) Chocolate Day ( February 9)

 If their is anything sweeter than love it can be none other than chocolates.. It's the favourite day of many as this day is all about the chocolates.Eat them or gift them.I think that without chocolates the Valentine's week is incomplete.

4) Teddy Day ( February 10)

   Most of us like cuddly soft toys so February 10 is the perfect reason to gift one.

5) Promise Day ( February 11)

   Its the day of promises.It urges people to promise each other a life of love and trust for prosperous relationship.On this day you can surprise your partner by gifting him or her a handmade card where you can write the promises you have made and fulfilled so far.

6) Hug Day ( February 12)

  Tell me one when you get tired and sad what you need most a hug from the special hug day is the most important day after all the above..February 12 is observed as Hug Day to celebrate this warm and beautiful expression of love.

7) Kiss Day ( February 13)

Ah!! This day is the most-awaited day of the week as well as its the sweetest day of the week. A beautiful day for the people in love. A delicate expression of love a kiss can go a long way to express your feelings even without words....

Valentine's Day

Ah!!! Finally your wait is over its Valentine's Day February 14 most excited day for lovers..
February 14 celebrated as Valentine's Day all over the Globe with full of enjoyment and love..its the best day to show your love to your loved ones.....

!!! Sorry !!! Sorry !!!!! Sorry!!!!!!

Guys i want to tell you one of the important thing that i forget to tell you..

Firstly Congratulation to all those who are not in relationship like me 😃😃😃😃 because this day is also for us Actually February 14 is also celebrated as the Single Awareness Day.......



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