Euthanasia - SC allows Passive Euthanasia

SC allows Passive Euthanasia 

In a historic judgement the Supreme court on Friday held that the right to die with dignity is a fundamental right saying that an individual could make an advance "Living will" that would authorise passive euthanasia under certain circumstances.

A five-judge constitution bench led by Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra in four separate and concurring opinions ruled that the fundamental right to life and dignity under article 21 of constitution includes the "Right to die with Dignity"

Dignity is lost if a man is allowed or forced to undergo pain and suffering because of "Unwarranted medical support"

The Monk told -The whole world takes birth crying but Mahavira taught us to die laughing.Today the supreme court has given a historical ruling which has been a law in Jainism for ages.I thank the supreme court for this decision

However the decision has not been welcomed in some quarters.Senior christian priests in Kerala dubbed the judgement as "Unfortunate & Condemnable" expressing the possibility of misuse.

Dr.Shivkumar Utture a member of the Indian Medical Association {IMA} member and president of the Maharashtra Medical Council hailed the ruling "After this verdict euthanasia and living will cannot be misused as there will be strict guidelines "

 He said "Just as every person has the right to life she/he also has the right to die with dignity"

Noted doctor and Padma Shri Receipient Dr.K.K .Agarwal who is also president of the heart care foundation "It is inhuman to force them to live on life support not only is it a torture for the person and the family but also increases the cost of stay at the hospital thus this decision needs to be applauded.

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