Red Fort Adopted - Adopt a Heritage Project

Adopt a Heritage Project - "Apni Darohar Apni Pahachan"

On the occasion of "World Tourism Day" which is celebrated on September 27 annually government of India launched "Adopt a Heritage" project

This project is a key initiative of Ministry Of Tourism in close collaboration with Ministry of Culture and Archeological Survey of India {ASI} to develop the heritage sites/monuments and making them tourist-friendly to enhance the tourism potential and their cultural importance in a planned and phased manner

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Objectives of Adopt a Heritage Project :

  • Provide world class tourist facilities at various natural and cultural heritage sites monuments and other tourist sites

  • Make these selected sites tourist friendly

  • Enhance their tourist potential and cultural importance in planned and phased manner across the country

  • Develop sustainable tourism infrastructure and ensuring proper operations and maintenance health

  • Create employment through active involvement of local communities

  • Promote cultural and heritage value of the country to generate livelihoods of local communities of respective heritage sites

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  1. Who is eligible for adopting a heritage site/monument under the project

Private and Public sector companies and individuals are eligible for adopting a heritage site/monument under this project

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2. Will the company make money from the Project "Adopt a Heritage"

Minister of state of tourism K J Alphons said under the scheme which was introduced last year the ministry is looking at public participation to develop heritage monuments.

"The companies involved in these projects will only spend and not make money. They will only spend and not make money.They will create amenities such as toilets provide drinking water for the tourists so that their footfalls increase they might up signs outside to say that they have developed the amenities if they are spending money there is nothing wrong in taking credit for it."


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