Indian Teens - What is it that most Indian teens do Secretly

Indian Teens -  What is it that most Indian teens do Secretly

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Adults read at your own risk :

Read only when you want to know the truth and the things Indian teenagers do secretly because it can change your views regarding teenage life !!!

And to teenagers: You know it already my friends ..

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Here are some things which most teenagers do these are :

  • Watching Porn
  • Masturbation
  • Secret Crushes
  • Chatting with strangers
  • Stalking
  • Break up & Patch up
  • Hiding true emotion
  • Random shits when alone

Above are the answer which everyone knows but apart from that there is one thing which is the most common thing Most Indian teens do is :

Battling with Depression

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Yes, almost all teenagers fight their battle on their own what do you think adults that we have only one thing to think about i.e. studies. Then you are totally wrong.

We have many things to be tensed of which you can't even imagine. Have you ever thought that a child can be forced to be in the relationship? You don't know that every teenager has tolerated this nonsense in which we are focused to be in a relationship most of the school and their classrooms environment is like this only.

For instance, if a girl has no Boyfriend she will be called as bhenji!!

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We all have faced some harassment at least once in our life if you think that I am only talking about the girls then you are wrong even  boys faces this problem

Betrayal has become part of our life we all say that we love our best friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/good friend etc...

 But we have faced betrayal from them too...

Suicidal thoughts are the most common thoughts always comes to our mind. Even you will be surprised to know that many teenagers are facing migraine ( A disease caused by stressing a lot which effects are frequent headaches person becomes tired and get irritated by small things.)

Career problems are there too many teens don't even know that what they want to do in their life teacher who emphasis us to dream make us more worry our hidden talents remain hidden "Sigh2

Lack of conversation leads to this problem and if we are interested in talking then parents let us down.

If you are a parent then please talk to your child frequently as they need some support which only you can give !!!

If you ( My teenager friends) are reading then please don't think that you are the only one who is suffering we all are sufferers here

Don't envy of models they are plastics try to talk with your parents because they are the only ones who can help you get over this...


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