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 Disabled - Meaning of being disabled


  • What is the real meaning of disabled

           The first thing is that

Meaning of being disabled is when you are mentally disabled and not physically

Nick Vujicic - Motivation & Inspirational machine

  • He is Nicholas James Vujicic

  • Nick famous for his inspirational speeches was born without limbs in his body instead of letting his disability stop his everyday life he took it as a challenge using it to change millions of lives with the same faith that kept him going

  • He has founded his own organization called "Life without Limbs" he has released motivational films like "Life's Greater Purpose" & "Biography of a Determined Man of Faith"

Some motivational books written by Nick Vujicic 

  • He has also written a book titled "Life Without Limits" inspiration for a Ridiculously Good life this speaker has even acted in a short film "The Butterfly Circus" earning the film three awards and bagging one himself for his brilliant portrayal of a man very much like himself who is given a second chance to love himself.

  • He is devout christian believing that god loves everyone equally and has taken it upon himself to spread the message to everyone around the world

Now back to the question do you think he is a disabled person?
No he is not because he is mentally fit and never gave up in his life

You are disabled only when you incorporate negative thoughts and feeling your mind for something and believes that you cannot achieve that thing

For a human being anything and everything is possible when he/she puts subconscious mind and dares to achieve it.

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