5 Pieces of Life Changing Advice (Proven)

5 Pieces of  Life Changing Advice (Proven)

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So today I'm back with another power bosting post which helps you to transform your life. Today I would like to share 5 Pieces of  Life Changing Advice (Proven) by Guru Gopal Gaur.

5 Pieces of  Life Changing Advice

  • Who is Guru Gopal Gaur 

He's a personal coach, monk, lifestyle & motivational strategist. He's a senior monk at the International Society of Krishna Consciousness. He shares deeper spiritual insights with the world. He has been speaking at various Institutions in India and globally for the past two decades. He worked at Hewlett-Packard for a short period of time and decided to become a monk. He got his degree in Electrical engineering from the College of Engineering Pune. He joined the International Society for Krishna Consciousness Mumbai in 1996. He has guided the employees at many corporate giants like Bank of America, Ford, Macintosh etc. His videos of TEDx events on youtube have been an inspiration to many. He is the author of a few inspirational books such as Revival, Conquest, and Checkmate.

5 Pieces of  Life Changing Advice (Proven)

These 5 Pieces of  Life Changing Advice (Proven)will help you to gain a real knowledge about what actually the life is. It will surely help you to come out from depression and stress. 
So Before starting the 5 Pieces of  Life Changing Advice (Proven)
 I request you all please carry a notepad and pen with you because there I will also tell you some real but harsh truth of life which give you a real lesson... 

So let's Begin the 5 Pieces of  Life Changing Advice (Proven)

  1. Increase the standard of life 

The first is to Increase the standard of Living... In today world we think that everything is money for that money we actually forget the real meaning of life. 
Whether you drive a Forks wagon or you drive a Bentley the road remains the same isn't whether you speak on a Samsung or you speak On an iPhone X whoever you're calling remain the same...

It's amazing that for increasing the standard of living we are more focused but on the other hand, we are lacking behind the Standard of Life.
Actually, it's nothing wrong to increase the Standard the Living but yes if you will also give importance to Standard of Life you can achieve your goal easily.
The poorest person in the world is those who are more focused towards money because there's more to life than money and there's way more to life than what money can buy. So if you want to truly know how rich you are?

 Drop the tear and see how many hands come forth to wipe that.
Make the relationship with people not with the money.

5 Pieces of  Life Changing Advice

2.GO with the Flow

It amazing how many plans we make and isn't it a reality not everyone goes according to our plans we make the plan according to the strength of our mind you do not know about the strategy of your opponent yes you can have a rough idea of her/his plan but actually you both do not know the strategy of each other.

Remember one thing whether it's the game of cricket or game of life everything goes not according to you so go with the flow don't be rigid about what we had decided to learn the change our strategy as per the need of the moment. 
Readers adjust your plan according to the need. Learn a lesson from River Ganga as she emanates from the Himalayan mountains with her plan to move and reach her destination she is not rigid she is extremely flexible as sometimes mountains through challenges in the form of rocks on a path she keeps moving until she reaches her destination whatever challenge comes on your pathway just keep moving 
Never change your goal just change the plan to reach that goal

3. Don't live the life of "I"

"I" is one of the most dangerous words which kills your life. "I" stands for "Expectation". 

when you want to be served you’re dependent on people, they may not serve you when you
want to serve who can stop it when you
want respect people may not respect you
but when you want to give a respect who
can stop you when you want to be loved
you will not be loved but when you want
to give love who can stop you when you
want and charity people may not give you
in charity but when you want to give
charity who can stop you..

Why I'm saying that one actually we have bad habits from our childhood we have grown up like this you only learn to take and everyone has to fulfill my Expectations so due to this we expect a lot from others for us, Due to that "I" our life will be more frustrated.

Remember one thing People don't exist in this world to just fulfill your expectations so just come out from that Blind faith give your life to those who need this 

4. Choose Greatness 

5 Pieces of  Life Changing Advice

Choice plays a vital role in your life.
Responding to any situation is our choice it is not destiny what I choose is my choice and when I choose it that decides my future destiny this is why they say a man is the maker of his destiny, not situations 
Read Here - Power of Choice 
Attitude whether positive or negative that attitude is choice and when you choose the attitude so that attitude will responsible for your life
Victory is a choice, not a destiny victory comes from your hard work so don't be confused between destiny and choice

5. Find Real Peace

What does the real peace means?

5 Pieces of  Life Changing Advice

Spirituality is the art of bringing us to that inner calm to that inner peace in our real life with all kinds of difficulties troubles and problems surroundings us. If you ever asked yourself the Question that why always that happened with you just do not get frustrated Here is your Answer of why always me? it will surely help to be calm and maintain your inner peace.  


I hope you love this article on 5 Pieces Of Life Changing Advice(Proven) will help to understand what actually the life is If you have any confusion or query regarding these above points so feel free to ask.

5 Pieces of  Life Changing Advice

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  4. Finding real peace is a necessity. Each person who wants to prosper in life should find a thing to be happy with to be ready for the next day.