Karoly Takacs : The man who Defied Destiny (Inspiring Story & Life Quotes)

Hi everyone ! I hope you all are doing well. So after a long time, I'm back with some experiences regarding life (Inspiring Story of Karoly Takacs) which I want to share with you.

Everything you seek is within you my friend.No matter you are single or not, no matter what everyone says. All you need to do is take a deep breath and continue.

If you want to inspire than see your past life and think about it how you face most difficult situations without any help than you know you are the best motivational speaker. So, believe in yourself and give 100% in every work...!

Many stories you know which help to motivate you.......!

So, I tell this story this help to motivate you......!

Motivation, not a word it is a hope which helps to excite you and also help to do work with love and happiness don't care what other people think about you. Your work means your work don't do work for money do work with love and happiness.

 I bet you will surely get goosebumps. Don't miss this till the end. A real Life story.
Inspiring Story : Karoly Takacs
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The Inspiring Story of Karoly Takacs

This is a story of 1938, a person named Karloy from the Hungarian Army. He was the best pistol shooter of his country. All the national championships that were held in that country he was the winner of all and everybody was confirmed that in 1940 Olympics he will be the winner.

But as he was in the army so during training a hand grenade exploded in his right hand and his hand was cut down. All his focus dreams were gone. So he decided not to focus on what is gone but to focus on what he has now. The hand with which he could not even wright.

He started training of his left hand and after 1 year he came back in national championships in hungry, no one knew he was training from 1 year. Everyone, there was competing with their best hand he was competing with his only hand and guess what who win- Karloy the man with the only hand. 

He wanted to make his hand worlds best shooting hand. The 1940 Olympics were canceled because of world war he put his all focus on 1944 Olympics but they were also canceled.
Then he prepared for 1948 Olympics he wants there and guesses who wins Karloy 
1952 Olympics he competed and who won the gold medal?  Karoly!!

This is one of the most inspiring stories which motivate me towards my goal.

Some motivational quotes of Karoly

  • It's not about being the best It's about being better than yesterday
  • Winning a gold medal in Olympic is less about the hand, more about the mind. Life is the same as that winning is less about skills more about attitude
  • Life's not about how hard of a hit you can give. It's about how many you can take and still keep moving.

Inspiring Story : Karoly Takacs
Source - Amazon

Now I just want to share two things it's from my life experience.

My inspiration: Stray animals, Daily taunts by family and friends (Taunts must be there in your life without this success can't achieve) Missing cut off by 1 or 2 marks, My partner who always trusted me and kept saying you can do anything I own my success to her.

My Advice: Respect everybody, Practice hard and believe in yourself and always help others.

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At last, I want to share some points from the above story :

1. Don't be afraid to fail

Because failure will lead you to the solution, if you stay focused and keep failing, you will find a solution all you need is one solution so stay focused for a longer period.

2. Stop listening to people 

Be curious explore things on your own don't come to conclusion before trying. Following people's order may earn you a living but it will not offer you a meaningful life. You will be taking any decision on your own you will have excuses for everything it will breed frustration within you. So don't give your control to someone else's hand.

Inspiring Story : Karoly Takacs
Source - Amazon

3. Money does not determine the quality of your life

The work we do every single day determine the quality of our life, if you are not doing something that brings joy within you and around you then you are wasting your time. It doesn't matter how much you make money, the only thing that matters is how you make money. 

4. Stop Dreaming

Start taking action make plan act on them fail and learn from each failure don't waste time on emotional dramas, we will sure dead one day so before that live the life you want to live. Can't you see all the great people we read books are dead we only remember them because of their work? If you want to be remembered like them then act..

Improvement at anything is based on thousands of tiny failures and the magnitude of your success is based on how many time you've failed at something.If someone is better than you at something then it's likely because he has failed at it more than you have.If someone is worse than you, it's likely because he hasn't been through all of the painful learning experience you have.

If you enjoying reading this inspiring story on Karoly Takacs please share and comment...!!
Thanking you for giving your priceless time.

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