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Hey what's up ! I guess you are here because you want to know a bit about me:

So without wasting your valuable time i will tell you about me :

I'm kamal upreti founder of the this blog  & I'm a Part-timer blogger & also a Consultant & Contributor of a blog tutorial in  "FULLONSTUDY"

I'm from the beautiful state "UTTARAKHAND" also known as "Devbhommi' from India. Currently i am pursing "Hotel Management" from kumaun university Nainital .
I'm very passionate about to do a help of the person like you...I'm nothing without my readers like you.
Thanks to all my readers to give their valuable time to my blog.

  • Have you ever asked yourself that :

  1. Answer of why always me?
  2. What are the positive side of Procrastination?
  3. What is difference between Knowledge & wisdom?

And many more things so congratulations your are in right place.So this is the right platform for you to clear your query. Keep reading & keep sharing

  • Here you also find some interesting topic like :

  1. Cockroach theory 
  2. Learn a lesson from lizard
  3. Self-improvement 

  • Some other interesting topic are :

  1. MIND
  3. LOVE
  4. SEX
  6. STONE 

  • Why this blog is important for you

This is my first priority because as i earlier said i love to do a help of a people like you so whenever i write my blog i always give the priority to reader aswellas their needs.
This blog contain all the topic which help you to motivate and achieve your goals.

  • Main motive of the blog

To keep yourself motivate and always keep your moral high.

  • I will say one thing to you that :

Always follow the rule of 3 L's in your life